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(February 2019)

Tropical Region: About Us

Florida first began participating in the Odyssey of the Mind program in 1983. Tropical Region is located in South Florida serving schools and community organizations in Miami-Dade county.

Our region director is Erik Veiga. He may be reached for more information at 786-282-6859 and by email at: emveiga@tropicalodyssey.org.

Inquiries, forms, and other correspondence can be sent to:

Tropical Region Odyssey of the Mind
P O Box 524159
Miami FL 33152-4159

Tropical Region Board Members

Erik Veiga
Regional Director

Vivian Veiga
Volunteer Coordinator

Leslie Veiga
Problem Captain - Primary

Troy Gelinas
Problem Captain - Problem #1

Vivian Veiga
Problem Captain - Problem #2

Julie Powers
Co-Problem Captain - Problem #3

Kenia Perez
Co-Problem Captain - Problem #3

Angela Coulson
Problem Captain - Problem #4

Gloria 'Gigi' Gari
Problem Captain - Problem #5

Brent Capley
Co-Problem Captain - Spontaneous

Tina Cash
Co-Problem Captain - Spontaneous

Guillermo Guerrero
Problem Captain - Score Room

Thomas Jardon

Hector Manon
Hospitality Coordinator

Ana Ramos
Sales Coordinator

Odyssey of the Mind Pledge

Odyssey of the Mind is in the air,
in my heart and everywhere,
My team and I will reach together,
to find a solution now and forever.