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-Team Registration Website
-Media Release
- Volunteer Clearance
-Cost Form
-Outside Assistance
-Style Form

February 2019

Odyssey of the Mind: Forms

Below are printable Adobe PDF copies of the forms that need to be completed and submitted by teams participating in the competition.

Team Forms

Team Registration

Odyssey Membership Application

Membership Application FormOrganizations that are new to Odyssey must purchase a membership at Returning organizations must renew their membership for the season.

The $135 membership fee includes the membership card, program guide, and long-term problems for the current year.

Odyssey Membership Application

Team Registration

Team RegistrationThe team registration process is now performed at Coaches can electronically register their teams, enter team rosters, and pay the registration fee.

Team Registration site

Team registration should be completed by December 15, 2018. It is still possible to register your team after this date but a late fee of $20 will apply.

The FLOMA team registration website will ask coaches to specify a 'Regional Worker.' Each team must provide a worker that will volunteer their time on the regional competition day. Workers who do not uphold their obligations may cost their team a 25 point Sprirt of the Problem penalty.

M-DCPS Volunteer Clearance Form

Volunteer Clearance FormVolunteer Form: Volunteers who will acompany teams to competition will need to submit a volunteer clearance form to the volunteer coordinator at their school.

Volunteers attending the State and World Finals with students will need a level 3 clearance from the school district. This only applies to OotM programs in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Long-term Problem Forms

Cost Form

Cost FormCost Form: Team members must complete this form and list all items used in the presentations of their problem solution.

Adults may help fill it out for Division I team members only.

Outside Assistance Form

Outside Assistance FormOutside Assistance Form: Team members understand that it is against the rules for anyone other than team members to design, build or present the long-term problem solution

By signing this form, team members certify that they have followed all of the rules regarding outside assistance and listed any exceptions.

Style Form

Style FormStyle Form: Team members must complete this form. Adults may help fill it out for Division I team members only.

A minimum of three (4) copies is required for each competition.

Quick Links:

M-DCPS Volunteer Clearance Form
Cost Form
Outside Assistance Form
Style Form

For access to the long-term problem forms and the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide visit the Members Area at www.odysseyofthemind.comOmer