Getting Started in Odyssey of the Mind in the Tropical Region


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Heard about Odyssey but want to know more before you take the plunge? Information sessions are intended for anyone interested in learning more about Odyssey of the Mind in Miami-Dade County. Remember to check back for additional dates and locations for information sessions.

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(January 2018)

Getting Started in Odyssey of the Mind

Welcome to the Tropical Region Odyssey of the Mind!

Coaches or school/organization sponsors looking to start a program have come to the right place. Follow the steps below to get started, and remember, we are only an email or phone call away.

To get started in Odyssey coaches must assemble a team. Coaches must also purchase a membership from the national organization and pay the state fee to register their team(s) for regional competition.

Building Your Team

Step 1: Identify Prospective Team Members

Odyssey teams are composed of up to seven members. Where possible coaches should assemble their team(s) from members with diverse skill sets. Whether members are leaders, artists, creative thinkers, performers, or budding engineers, having a variety of strengths will help the team meet the challenges of the long-term problem. Team members must be prepared to work together as a team.

Step 2: Team Building and Organization

Testing Spontaneous problems with the new team helps introduce members to Odyssey and aids in team building early in the process. Spontaneous resources are available on our site and elsewhere on the web.

Coordinate with team members and parents to create a meeting schedule and to start setting deadlines keeping in mind the date of the regional tournament. Coaches/teams should also create a chart to identify individual team member responsibilities.

Step 3: Reading the Long-Term Problem

Teams should read and re-read their long-term problem during the course of the season. They must identify the creative emphasis and the spirit of the problem. The 'Limitations' and 'Scoring' sections will also give teams insight into the requirements of the problem. The current program guide also has a wealth of information available.

Teams should regularly check for clarifications on the Odyssey website and submit their own if their questions are not answered.

Step 4: Spontaneous Practice

Teams should practice the three types of Spontaneous problems. Familiarity with verbal, hands-on, and hands-on verbal problems will help the team prepare for the Spontaneous portion of the tournament.

Step 5: Attend Trainings

Coaches should attend scheduled coaches trainings to get important information to prepare their team for regional tournament.

Membership and Registration

Purchase Odyssey Membership

Odyssey of the MindOrganizations that intend to participate in Odyssey must purchase an annual membership. The membership includes access to the program guide, current long-term problems, and a membership number to identify the organization.

The membership can be purchased online for $135. Coaches/coordinators may pay online with a credit card or print and mail the form with a check, money order, credit card information, or purchase order.

Odyssey Membership Application

Register Team(s) for Regional Tournament

Florida Odyssey of the MindAfter a national membership has been purchased, coaches/coordinators must register their teams for the regional tournament.

Coaches/coordinators must first identify their region and select their team's long-term problem. Memberships in Miami-Dade County and Monroe County are part of the Tropical region. Coaches must then enter their contact information, team roster, and identify a worker for the regional tournament.

The registration fee is $100 per team in divisions one through four. Primary teams have a registration fee of $20. Teams must be registered no later than January 26, 2019.

Florida Team Registration Guide (PDF)
Odyssey Membership Area Team Registration Site

Enjoy the Odyssey!

OMER - Enjoy the Odyssey