Odyssey Angels Program in the Tropical Region


Important Dates:

- Enroll in the program by January 31, 2019
- Report on results by April 1, 2019

Odyssey Angels

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(September 2018)

Tropical Region Odyssey Angels Program

Odyssey AngelsThe Odyssey Angels program wants to challenge you to use your unique creative problem-solving abilities to help some aspect of your community that would otherwise be overlooked. In return, one team will be selected to attend World Finals to present how it helped its community.

Learn about the program and sign up at OdysseyAngels.org.

The Program:

The focus of an Odyssey Angel group can be anything within the neighborhood they live in. Groups should look for anything that could use creative problem-solving. This is the chance for students to utilize their strengths and help others.

Anyone can participate! The only limitation is that one person in the Odyssey Angel group is on an Odyssey of the Mind team.

Sign-up Your Team!

Make sure to sign-up your team before January 31st.

How it Works

Important Dates

In order to be in the running to attend World Finals you must enroll in the program by January 31, 2019. Teams must report on their results by April 1, 2019.

Odyssey Angels in the Tropical Region

We will recognize Tropical region memberships that participate in the Odyssey Angels program during our regional awards ceremony.