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Information Sessions:

Heard about Odyssey but want to know more before you take the plunge? Information sessions are intended for anyone interested in learning more about Odyssey of the Mind in Miami-Dade County. Remember to check back for additional dates and locations for information sessions.

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(April 2019)

So you are considering Odyssey of the Mind

However it is that you found us, we're glad you came to visit!

The following is a brief summary of what you need to know to become an OMer.

Once you are ready to start your own Odyssey program, visit our getting started page.

Things You Need to Know

The Intro Package (PDF) includes introduction letters, additional materials about the Odyssey of the Mind program, and Tropical region specific information. This file was included as part of an email attachment to groups currently on our mailing list. If you would like to join our mailing list please email us at

Odyssey Explained by FLYP Media

Odyssey Develops Creativity

Odyssey Develops Creativity
Go to the 'Odyssey Develops Creativity' page to learn more about creativity and the role Odyssey plays in its development.

Parents' Perspectives

Geek Dad Blog

Parent's Perspective"The Scores are In and Next Year is Announced. The Odyssey of the Mind World Finals are complete. The scores are in. The awards have been given. The Photo Galleries have been posted. And we're all heading home."

Paul Jones writes about his experience as an Odyssey parent at Wired's Geek Dad Blog

Parent Coach

"Susan Smylie has coached a high-school Odyssey of the Mind team since September 2006... In March 2007, the team competed at the Texas State Finals where they placed second, earning them a trip to the World Finals at Michigan State University at the end of May, where they placed 17th out of 40 teams. They also won a Renatra Fusca award at the State tournament, the highest honor given by Odyssey of the Mind, awarded for extreme creativity."

Interview with Susan Smylie Odyssey of the Mind Coach

The Odyssey Experience

Watch 'A Creative Experience' video

A Creative ExperienceDirect from 'A Creative Experience' features testimony from teachers, parents, coaches, and team members who talk about the benefits and rewards of participation. Includes problem footage filmed at past World Finals. It's a great way to get others excited about the program! 10 minutes.

Direct link - Windows Media Video
Direct link - Real Player Video

Levels of Competition

All registered teams are invited to participate and present their problem solutions at the Regional Competition. Top placing teams advance to State Finals where they then compete against the best from around the state. Winners at the state competition will represent their state at World Finals.


Division FinderTeams participate in a given division depending on the grade of the oldest member. has a handy division calculator to help you determine the appropriate division for your team.

Division Calculator

Forms and Fees

General membership with Creative Competitions costs $135. Organizations may enter one team per problem per division in competition. There is a per team regional competition fee of $100, primary teams are charged a $20 fee. The Florida registration deadline is January 26, 2019.

Membership form (PDF)

Cost Limits

My organization does not have a lot of money, could we still be competitive?

OMER Levels of CompetitionGood news, yes you can be competitive because there are cost limits for every problem. Odyssey of the Mind promotes 21st century skills including problem solving and creative and critical thinking. The goal is not to see how much money a team can spend but how creative they can be in coming up with a problem solution. The problem synopses, also included in the welcome package, lists the cost limit for each long term problem.

Coach's Responsibilities

Team Responsibilities

Enjoy the Odyssey!

OMER - Enjoy the Odyssey